Know Before You Go

Dear RUZGEM 2013 Participants,

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Viya Tourism Travel Agency is the local organising company of RUZGEM 2013 and assisting you in Conference related services, including accommodation, flight tickets and airport transfers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ankara in October.

Wish you a safe journey.
Viya Tourism Travel Agency

About Turkey

Turkey is a gateway between Europe, Asia and Middle East because of its unique eographical location and its culture. The country has a rich cultural heritage of the Hittites, Ionians, Byzantines, Seljuks, Romans, Persians, Macedonians, and there are many historical monuments from the era of the Ottomans. The ancient cities and historical monuments spread to every corner turning the country into an open-air museum. Turkey extends over 780,580 km2 and has a population of more than 73 million. 11 million people live in Istanbul and 4,5 million in Ankara which is the capital city. The country consists of 81 provinces. The official language is Turkish. Latin alphabet is used in Turkey. It is possible to live the four seasons distinctively in Turkey. With its spotlessly clean beaches, azure seas, snowy mountains suitable for skiing, hot springs and many other beauties, Turkey is one the leading countries of world's tourism and it is undoubtedly the most successful sector of Turkey on the road to integration with the global economy.

About Ankara

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and the second largest city in the country after Istanbul. It is located at the heart of both Turkey and Central Anatolia. The city is an important commercial and industrial city, and it also houses the Turkish government, and all foreign embassies. The population is around 4.5 million.

Apart from the old town in and around the citadel near Ulus and unplanned shantytown neighbourhoods inhabited by people from rural areas in the last five decades, most of Ankara, which was a provincial town of 20,000 people in the early days of the Republic, is a purpose-built capital due to its strategic location at the heart of the country. The history of settlement in the area is millenia old.

The biggest claim to fame of the town used to be the long-haired local breed of goats named after former name of the city (Angora), out of which high quality mohair textiles were produced, today the only place where you can spot them in city is the lawns on the side of a clover-leaf interchange on the highway west—in the form of cute sculptures.

As any other part of the Anatolian highland, the winters are cold and usually snowy. Temperature is regularly below the freezing point during this season, but it rarely drops below -15° C. Thanks to the low levels of relative humidity, the hot and dry summers are more comfortable than coastal regions of Turkey. Summer nights are cool, though, so be sure to bring at least a cardigan with you to wear outdoors. Spring and autumn are the wettest seasons, but with an annual rainfall amount of 415 mm (i.e., a semi-arid climate), you are unlikely to get much wet during your trip to Ankara, anyway.

About Middle East Technical University (METU)

Middle East Technical University is founded under the name of "Orta Doğu Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü" (Middle East High Technology Institute) on November 15th, 1956 to contribute to the development of Turkey and Middle East countries and especially to train people so as to create a skilled workforce in the fields of natural and social sciences. "Arrangements and Procedures as for the Foundation of METU, Law No 6887" was enacted on January 29th, 1957. Finally, "Foundation Act No 7307", which sets forth the particular standing of METU and describes the conditions rendering METU as a juridical entity, was enacted on May 27th, 1959.

Middle East Technical University's presence brought about new methods and introduced innovations to Turkish higher education system manifesting METU as a pioneer of modern education nationwide. In its earliest years, part of METU was located in a small building that belonged Social Security Office of Retirees at Kizilay's Müdafaa Street and the other section was located in the barracks behind the TBMM (Turkey's National Grand Assembly). In 1963, the University moved to its current campus location which is the first university campus of Turkey.

In 1956, the first academic program to start education was the Department of Architecture. Then in spring semester of 1957, Department of Mechanical Engineering launched its academic program. At the onset of 1957-1958 academic year, the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Administrative Sciences were established. In 1959, the tasks undertaken to establish Faculty of Arts and Sciences were completed. Faculty of Education launched its academic program in 1982. Today, there are a total of 40 undergraduate programs in five faculties of METU.

There are 159 graduate programs available in Graduate Schools of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Informatics, Applied Mathematics and Marine Sciences Graduate Schools. Marine Sciences conducts the academic program studies at İçel-Erdemli.

The language of instruction at METU is English. METU School of Foreign Languages takes the initiative to teach English to students at Preparatory School.

Owing to the quality academic education that emphasizes merit and excellence in scientific, cultural and intellectual studies as well as owing to the accomplished and qualified METU graduates, the University has become one of the distinguished and respectable institutions of Turkey. Today, the University is proud to employ about 750 faculty (professors, associates professors etc.), 400 academic instructors and 1,400 research assistants. It is a great pleasure to offer education to over 23,000 students. The total number of the alumni now is above 95,000.



METU Center for Wind Energy – METUWIND” is established in 28 February 2011, based on the legal grounds of the Higher Education law n◦ 2547, in the leadership of the Department of Aerospace Engineering. The center is funded through a three-year multi-million dollar project provided by the State Planning Agency of Turkey (The Ministry of Development).


The Center is the result of a collaborative effort of 8 METU departments including Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Materials and Civil Engineering as well as Department of Architecture, the Department of City and Regional Planning and the Department of Business Administration.


METUWind is established with the vocation of becoming the center of attraction at the national and international level with its innovative and competent designs/accreditation activities as well as its scientific and technological research on the wind energy.

At Your Arrival to Ankara Airport

The hotels are approximately 30-35 km away from Ankara Airport. There are a few options to arrive at the hotels from the airport.

Viya Tour Transfer Services: Most of our participants have already booked for their airport transfers with the Viya Tour. If you haven’t made an arrangement yet and would like to use these services (i.e shuttle service or private transfer), please contact Mr Ahmet Suat Alioğlu at: etkinlik2@viyatour.com.

Taxi: Average taxi price to the city center is roughly € 45 - € 50, it takes 40 minutes.

Airport Public Bus & Public Transport:

There is no direct vehicle to the hotels from the airport. Public bus takes to the center and public bus/minibus could be used from the center to the hotel. The total price is around € 10 / € 15, it takes approximately one hour and a half to the hotel.

Viya Tour and Registration Desk

Viya Tour Welcoming, Information, Transfers, Tours and Payment Desk
will be located at Lobby Area of Conference Venue. There will be Viya Tour staff at the desk during the conference.

Conference Venue

Middle East Technical University (METU)

Üniversiteler Mah.Dumlupınar Blv.No:1

06800 Çankaya Ankara/TÜRKİYE 

Tel:+90 312 210 2000 

Faks:+90 312 210 1105


Further information about Cultural and Convention Center can be found at http://www.kkm.odtu.edu.tr/

Accommodation Hotels

Viya Tour has made the room reservations of RUZGEM 2013 participants at mainly four hotels; Midas Hotel, Ramada Plaza Hotel, Gordion Hotel, Tunalı Hotel.

Accommodation at all hotels are Bed and Breakfast services inclusive.

Food and Beverage

Breakfasts are served at open buffet at each hotel.


Registration Fee Payments: Participants who haven’t made their registration fee payments yet, the Conference Registration Desk will be available in Conference Venue.

Internet Access

At all of the four hotels, there is free-of-charge wireless internet connection password of which can be received from reception after checking in.

Some Useful Turkish Words and Phrases

[ Merhaba ] Mere ha ba [ Hello ]

[ Nasilsiniz? ] Na sill siniz [ How are you? ]

[ Hos geldiniz ] hosh gel-dee-neez [ Welcome ]

[ İyiyim ] Ee yee im [ I'm fine ]

[ Evet ] Ee vet [ Yes ]

[ Hayır ] Ha year [ No ]

[ Teşekkür Ederim ] Tesh e kur edereem [ Thank You ]

[ Çok iyi ] Chock eyee [ Very Good ]

[ Çok fena ] Chock fenar [ Very Bad ]

[ Güzel ] Guzelle [ Beautiful ]

[ Lütfen ] Lootfen [ Please ]

[ Güle Güle ] Goolay Goolay [ Goodbye ]

[ Günaydın ] Goonay dun [ Good morning ]

[ İyi akşamlar ] Eee yak sham lar [ Good Evening ]

[ İyi geceler ] Eee geje ler [ Good Night ]

[ Memnun Oldum ] Mem noon Oldoum [ Pleased to meet you ]

[ Afiyet Olsun ] Our Fiat all Soon [ Good Appetite - Bon Appetite ]

[ İsminiz nedir? ] eas mee knees neydir [ What is your name? ]

Shopping Facilities

Because of the fact that all the hotels are around the city center, a wide variety of shops and shopping centers are available to all participants. There are also numerous exchange offices that are quite close to the hotels.